Monday, January 25, 2010

The good with the bad

The good news is, Kaylin is doing great and we're really getting a handle on what causes her to react. The bad news is, we think that list now includes eggs along with the soy and dairy. She is not able to have dairy at all but straight soy milk or eggs seems to cause a reaction as well. We've been suspicious of the eggs for a long time but it's not something she eats all the time. The last time she had eggs for breakfast, she was complaining she was spitting up within an hour. We decided we'd watch it but not tell her. Tonight we had hard boiled eggs and again, within an hour she let me know she was spitting up again. I think we'll lay off the straight eggs for now and see how she does. It's not a constant problem like the dairy was so we'll just leave it at that as long as her symptoms don't return.

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