Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We have cake!

It's the little things that make dealing with food removal so difficult. The kids don't always care about the things I think they would but birthday cake is a biggie.

We are only dealing with nuts and milk removal out of the top 8 foods but this cake is also free of eggs, and possibly soy - I'm not positive.

MOST but not all Duncan Hines boxed cake mixes are free of nuts and also not manufactured with tree nuts and most are also free of dairy. We use Pillsbury frosting which I know has soy in it but once again nut and dairy free.

We've heard about the "diet" cake or the "Weight Watchers" cake for a long time but finally tried it. You basically mix a can of soda and a cake mix, and bake it. It's light and fluffy even though it does not rise the same and it's awesome frosted or with berries on top like pound cake or angel food cake.

You have to stick to the clear sodas with a white cake mix or strawberry and I've heard Coke works well with chocolate cake but we haven't tried that. Today we used Hansen's Diet Pomegranate and it came out awesome!

My kids and I don't want allergy free recipes we can tolerate, we want food anyone would eat and this is one of them.


  1. Have you tried Crazy Cake? I found a recipe for it on allrecipes.com and I've heard it's supposed to be really good. I'm planning on trying it tomorrow. My son is 3 and is ANA allergic to eggs in addition to having EC and possible EE.

  2. Ooooh, thanks. I just looked it up. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/crazy-cake/detail.aspx

    I think we'll try that one!!!