Thursday, August 4, 2011

School's Here!!!

Well, almost.  Kaylin starts school next week and kinda last minute, we've decided to move her from our wonderful charter school to the regular elementary school.  There was a lot to that decision but school hasn't even started and we're realizing it's the right move.

On Monday, we registered Kaylin for school and I mentioned to the school receptionist that Kaylin has food allergies and I wanted to see when the nurse would be in.  She immediately got the health clerk who is at the school each day who I told about the EE and she took my information.  Well, by Wednesday I had an appointment scheduled to meet with the nurse that spreads her time between four schools.  Although we had a teacher last year that was amazing at dealing with food in the classroom, administration was less than helpful and I always worried about when she was in another classroom or what to do next year when her sister with peanut allergy starts Kindergarten.  A full time health clerk and nurse needed to be involved instead of a receptionist with a pair of crutches.

Our meeting with the nurse went amazing.  I had everything written up for her and she asked for permission to share it with Kaylin's teacher.  She went through our plan and understood the temptations because Kaylin is only 8.  But when Kaylin came in to introduce herself, the nurse asked Kaylin to help us keep her healthy.  She explained to Kaylin that we would have snacks for her in the classroom as well as the nurse's office but that Kaylin needed to be responsible and be part of the process.  She also reminded her that eating things her friends gave her without the teacher or parent was not allowed.  She told her that if she's experiencing pain, she lay down in the nurse's office and use the restroom but the goal is to get her back into class.  Hallelujah!!! I completely understand how difficult it is on Kaylin to be on a restricted diet at school but I also know she is the kid that will rise to meet expectations.  It's so nice to know that they are making her part of this process and holding her accountable as well as helping her.  Oh and the best part....she knew was Eosinophilic Esophagitis was!!!

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