Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eos on Anderson Cooper

Set your DVR's.  This Thursday, March 22nd an amazing family is on the Anderson Cooper show (daytime show, not CNN) to raise awareness on Eosinophilic Disease.

Here's the info from the AC website.  Check out the link below to view the preview and to find out when it's on in your area.
"What if your child were deathly allergic to food? Anderson speaks with a desperate mom, Cara, whose son, Joshua, suffers from a rare genetic condition that makes even the smell of certain foods potentially fatal. Cara's husband, Brant, and older son, Jacob, join Anderson to discuss how the family copes with this rare condition... and the hope they have for a cure."


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  1. Thank You for your story. My daughter Ashley Nichole Fliger suffered with severe EOS and at the age of 14, took her own life, Her journal tells a story of a desperate child trying to cope with a life of pain and hunger. There was too much pain to eat so she tried ensure to keep herself alive. I tried everything in desperation to help her and nothing or no one could help. I hope to get her story out so people will know how this disease took a young life. We need awareness! I miss her beautiful smile and perky personality. I feel alone in this world with her gone, but the EOS community has been there for me.