Tuesday, August 25, 2009


has been interesting.

Kaylin has had wheezing off and on which we can't figure out.

Her Aunt decided to feed her Whoppers (AKA Malted Milk Balls covered in Chocolate @@) without telling us. After 4 days of reflux, spitting up food, actually throwing up, a little wheezing and waking up night after night, we were stumped. A few days later, we heard through the grapevine she was given Whoppers, obviously containing milk. I can't even explain the frustration with that situation.

She went to a party with family in San Diego this last weekend which has resulted in allergy symptoms and bad wheezing the last four days and nights. She spent the entire first night coughing. This wheezing thing is new.

Last August was rough for her too with reflux symptoms but she also started school and got a new baby brother. We're still suspicious of enivironmental allergies though. The trips to San Diego to see family with inside dogs seem to be followed by a few days of stuffiness and reflux.

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