Friday, August 28, 2009

More Wheezing

Kaylin's school called yesterday and she wanted to come home since she was wheezing so bad. We started the nebulizer with Albuterol and scheduled an appt. for this morning with the allergist. The allergist agreed with us thinking the wheezing was triggered by allergies and started her on Nasicort for the allergies and we can continue doing the nebulizer as she needs it. If the asthma symptoms continue, the next step normally would be a preventative cortico-steroid like Flovent. The problem is, she's already on a medication like this in swallowed form for her EE. The last thing we want to do is add more. Hopefully it's just seasonal allergies and getting that under control will solve the problem. The current fires going on in So Cal and the super hot dry weather aren't helping!

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