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"If I can't serve it to everyone, I won't serve it to anyone"

Stephanie Hapner will return to Tulsa to talk about allergy-free cooking.

Hapner, author of "Allergy-Free Cooking Everyone Loves" was in Tulsa in November after the release of her new cookbook. She'll be back on Saturday at Akin's to talk about the book and give a cooking demo.

She became immersed in the world of gluten-free, dairy-free and casein-free cooking when her son was diagnosed, at age 9, with a rare disorder called eosinophilic esophagitis requiring the removal of food allergens from his diet.

Hapner was determined to not give her son a diet that tasted like cardboard. She experimented with recipes and ingredients, creating foods good enough that anyone could eat them.

"If I can't serve it to everyone, I won't serve it to anyone" became her mantra.

"I've learned plenty of things the hard way," Hapner said. "But my goal is to help other allergy-sufferers benefit from my experience to eat better and live better."

Hapner's book includes 301 recipes free of corn, dairy, wheat, barley, rye, gluten, peanuts and casein. It offers a glossary of alternative ingredients, a crash course in label reading and a section on stocking the allergy-free pantry.

Stephanie Hapner will give samples of these cookies at her demo at Akin's Saturday.


Makes 2 dozen cookies

1/2 cup honey
1/3 cup sucanat
1 teaspoon molasses
1/2 cup sunflower nut butter
1 teaspoon gluten-free vanilla
1 cup white rice flour
3/4 cup quinoa flakes
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon sea salt

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl beat honey, sucanat, molasses, sunflower nut butter and vanilla until smooth and creamy; set aside.

2. In a small bowl combine the white rice flour, quinoa flakes, baking soda and sea salt. Add the dry mixture to the creamed mixture 1 cup at a time, stirring well to combine ingredients.

3. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a baking sheet about 2 inches apart. Bake 12 to 13 minutes or until lightly browned.

Cooking Demo And book Signing

What: Stephanie Hapner will give a cooking demo and sign copies of her book.

When: Noon to 2 p.m. Saturday

Where: Akin's at 7807 E. 51st St.; 918-663-4137

You can also find Hapner on July 23 at the Akin's in Mayfair Place in Oklahoma City.

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By NATALIE MIKLES World Scene Writer 
Published: 7/13/2011  2:23 AM 

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