Monday, July 18, 2011

In & Out in 60 minutes!

Kaylin's followup appointment in the EE clinic was today and we were in and out in 60 minutes flat....that has to be a record!  It's been six months since her last appointment and she's doing great as long as she doesn't eat any of her "trigger" foods.  Her last scope was June 2010 and we will not be scoping until the end of the year!!!!  This will be about 18 months between scopes, the longest she's ever been and the longest the clinic will let her go.  She will continue on the current medications (Pumicort Slurry, Nexium & Zyrtec) and diet modifications with no changes since she's doing so well.

They will be scheduling a dexa scan to measure bone density since she has been on meds for almost four years now that can possibly have effects on the bones.  That will be done as soon as they can schedule it.

During her next scope they will also be doing additional bloodwork since it was noticed today that her tonsils and lymph nodes are extremely small.  They could not see her tonsils at all and thought they had been removed at first.  They are checking for an additional immune deficiency.  One more thing to worry about as they check "just in case."

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