Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our latest Update

Well, we are coming up on another EE clinic appointment in just over a week and we're looking forward to one of the best ones ever. It has been six months since Kaylin has been seen in the clinic and she has been doing great.

Along with the Pulmicort slurry, we have managed to pinpoint the foods that she reacts to. As of right now she is off all dairy, pork, shellfish, rice, blueberries and we are careful to keep eggs and soy in small amounts - usually baked into other foods. We have thought for years about some kind of fruit bothering her but we were not able to put a finger on which one. A few months ago, she began throwing up blueberries and we knew we had found the culprit. I don't understand why she was able to tolerate them last year with small symptoms but this year led to throwing up and pain. This disease is so strange.

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